Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Keep burnin'!

  I am getting serious! Today during the second to last interval I asked myself "Why am I doing this!" Have you ever thought that while you were suffering?  I guess because I want to attain or achieve a particular goal, therefore I must suffer! Actually to achieve any level of success there is always a cost. So my desire is to burn fat! I also want to improve my fitness level. So today I did some treadmill speed work. I developed a little ladder workout. After a good warm-up of 1.250 miles I did a 1/2 at 7.9mph, 1/4 rest, .625 @ 7.8, 1/4 rest, .75 @ 7.7, 1/4 rest, .625 @ 7.6, 1/4 rest, .5 @ 8mph, 1/4 rest, 1/4 @ 8.3, 1 mile cool down. Finished with 70 minutes total and 6.82 treadmiles.
  It was on the last 1/2 mile interval I was beginning to suffer. I concentrated on holding good form and staying relaxed. I was right on the brink of oxygen debt. I really think my fitness level is improving! Plus being 7 pounds lighter helps!!
  I figure I have burned off 24,500 calories in the last 7 weeks! It's happening! I am slimming down! Oh man it's hard to do with all the cookies, chocolates, pies, etc, that are available during this season! I have a vision though....I see me running the roads again. Injury free, busting the tape of a marathon in 3:59!
  All I have to do is keep burnin'! Peace!



Marlene said...

Your commitment is inspiring! Keep burning. I fear I am gaining what you're losing... oops!

jel said...

Merry Christmas


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