Friday, December 23, 2011

Like an Elf before Christmas?!?!

  Busy, busy, busy!! Hospital, wedding, study, writing, running.....time! Time flies...and I'm the pilot!!!
  I managed to get in a solid GA run..."general aerobic". As defined in "Advanced Marathoning".
   I set the pace on 6.1 mph after a good warm-up and cruised into a 50 minute 4.72 treadmile run.
  I remain determined to run smart and lose fat. I kind of feel fat today? Down 7 pounds it seems hard to break off another pound? Kind of a plateau right now?
  Oh well....I expect all the cookies, and peanut clusters can't help! :) So all I have left is 35 minutes of Treadmill time to reach my goal this week!
  I really felt good today. The pace was what I would call "slightly strained conversational". You can converse but you have to grab breath...
  I will do some pace work tomorrow....undecided as yet but I am a believer in the SAID principle. Specific adaptions to imposed demands....So if I want to run fast I must train fast! Have a great day!!! Peace!

1 comment:

lindsay said...

merry christmas to you and your family!

hope you were able to find time for that last 35 min run. enjoy the time with your loved ones.


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