Monday, December 12, 2011

33's! I mean waist size!

  I am wearing my only pair of 33" waist jeans! They fit quite comfortably! It is very encouraging to put them on again! I am weighing in at 180 even so that's a 6 pound loss to date. I expect to keep dropping for a while.
  Today I ran 65 treadminutes and 6.65 treadmiles. I felt pretty good, maybe a little tired from yesterdays run, but good none-the-less. What's amazing is no Achilles burning or pain at all! A little right runners knee but nothing serious just growing pains.
  So it goes.....peace!


Love to Run said...

A 33" waist was so long ago for me. Wish I could get there again but the diet need changes.

Good Job in keeping up the running! And Good Luck in your busy time of year coming up for your "Job", or shall we just call it your way of life :)

Marlene said...

Excellent progress!!! I admire your dedication and will power - this time of year is tough to stay on track with the diet!


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