Saturday, May 23, 2009

On the Downhill

I guess I needed a five week recovery period. Today I felt like I was running again! Just like the old days when I was fast! (in my book).
I had good form and felt very strong the entire 5.6 miles. One hill had a 36% grade. I am really getting some good training running downhill. I am learning how to have a "controlled let go" if you know what I mean. These hills are steep out here, and I'm starting to love it!
The dogs along this particular route are definitely getting used to me, I still have the one batch that are stubbornly refusing to be nice but I shall overcome!
I am planning on running a race this Monday in Nixa, Mo. It's for a good cause, Relay for Life, and I doubt I will be able to run all out, but I'll take a flat tempo run out of it....5K.
Have a great rest of the weekend! Good racing to all, Bill, Carlee, and anyone else I may of missed.


Beth said...

Love the pictures in the previous post and glad you are feeling great. I agree that it takes a really long time to get over the marathon and all of the training leading up to it. I'm two weeks out and still feeling on the tired side. Good luck tomorrow!

jel said...

blessings on the race Monday!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're feeling good. Thanks for the well-wishings!!!

Chris said...

Good luck brother!

Jamie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day! Glad to hear the run went well and the doggies are behaving themselves. Good luck on Monday!


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