Friday, May 22, 2009

Hills, thrills, no spills

Into the National Forest
Bull Creek

Bull Creek valley-beautiful!

This is a great example of the roads out here

This is where 2K hill starts down

The view is amazing-I'll try to get better pics

Where I start- it's uphill!!!

I decided to go without the walking stick today. I was pretty confident that all the dogs along the "Cash Spring" turn around run have been tamed. T'was so! A real nice run today. Great temps! 79 degrees, good breeze, man, it couldn't be better! Reminds me of an "Ozark Mtn. Daredevils" tune. The thing about this run today is that my Garmin says that the grade on the big hills on Cash Spring are 30 and 32%! They are something!
Finally notched a decent mile split, too. I think I'm rebounding and getting back some of the zeal. 5 miles total in 54 min. but a 9:24 mile four. These are all on hilly routes. I can see now how speed can be attained. When I ran down on of these 30% hills I was going at a 6:15 pace, according to the Garmin. It was a blast today!
Thanks for your support and encouragement through this transition period. I still have to contend with dogs but I think over time we'll get it worked out. Peace! Best of luck to Carlee who's racing Sunday!


jel said...

them are some great shots !

have a great weekend!
and safe one!

Marlene said...

That's some nice scenery! Thanks for sharing the pics.

Glad to hear you finally had a great run!

Shilingi-Moja said...

Nice scenery. Glad the dogs on that route are tamed. Hopefully, with time, the dogs on the routes will realize that they can neither intimidate nor catch you and they just ignore you.

Loved the story about the white lab. I had a similar experience around Christmas with a black lab. It was almost as much fun as having a person run with me. (Interesting, the "challenge" word to allow me to post is "dogra".)


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