Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Planning and dreaming

Today was a 6 miler of hills. Of course there is little choice in the matter of hills out here, and I don't mind that at all. As I took off for the run today I realized I am quite sore from the race Monday. It had been a while since I ran that fast so some muscle groups had grown flabby.
It seems I've a renewed sense of steam. I am planning my next training schedule, and dreaming of smashing the four hour barrier in the marathon. I still believe I can do it and it is within my ability.
I am planning on racing again June the 20th in Battlefield, Mo. My old neighborhood! It will be a 5K event. I will aim to break 24 minutes in that race. Then the following week I begin an 18 week plan to the Bass Pro marathon. Don't forget my offer of rooming at our house if you want to come to the Ozarks. We have an extra bedroom and bathroom, all yours, plus transportation!

So I'm developing my own training program this time. I'll take from the 24 years of running/racing experience, reading other plans, books, web-sites, etc, and mold my own plan.

Here's an overview- Monday long run day, Tuesdays off, Wednesday general aerobic run, Thursday track day, Friday recovery, Saturday medium distance run, Sunday off. My mileage goals are patterned after the 55 mile plan in "Advanced Marathoning."
Track day will vary from LT runs, VO2max runs, I will incorporate more MP runs at longer distances, too. Also, one other thing. Recently I read an article that purports using your all out mile time in basing pace speeds for other work-outs. So, next on my list: I will do an all out mile time trial this week. They encourage you to do this time trial rested, and well warmed-up, and do it three different occasions. I'll be rested by Friday. I'm gonna go for it!
All opinions and suggestions, and tweaking as to these ideas will be welcomed! Peace!


Anonymous said...

sounds like a solid plan, I want to try out that book; how many plans are in there?

Marlene said...

Sounds like a good program! I also like the one-mile time trial idea. Good luck!

Thomas said...

I like the plan, but why aren't you just following the training as laid out in "Advanced Marathoning" rather than coming up with your own version?

Mark said...

Thomas, good question, it would be simpler.

Beth said...

I love your training program! Good luck at your 5K. I bet those hills are going to pay off again.

Jamie said...

Nothing like a race to get you scheduling! Looks like a good program.


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