Saturday, May 16, 2009


I am having great difficulty staying motivated. With the dog problems it puts a real stress on the psyche. There are no other runners out here. I think there is a line, like the Mason Dixon line, below this line no runners! I live below that line. So I'm bummed out. I decided not to run today, I didn't have the fight in me.
I can't quit because I intend to break four hours in the marathon. I need to devise a plan that eliminates the additional fight with the dogs every day. I'm not a cursing man but this sucks!!!
I figure right now I'll manage to maintain my fitness with at least twenty miles a week. My Bass Pro training isn't slated to start yet, that's going to begin in July.
Here are a couple of thoughts, I will try mace. I will start racing as often as possible in order to do speed work and distance all in one, remember I live in the hills!
I may drive into Ozark city limits, but there again it is very hilly. It's been very hard to be positive about this but I've no other choice. I've been thinking about getting my own dog...if you can't beat 'em...


jel said...

Dog Biscuits!

a bag of dog Biscuits,

throw them some, just a thought :)

Beth said...

Is there an area nearby that you could drive to? Might be nice for just a little while to give yourself a mental break from the situation. Good luck, you'll figure it out.

Marlene said...

Sorry to hear that you're facing so many difficulties keeping up with the running in your new location. It's hard enough to stay motivated sometimes without these issues.

Be tough!


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