Monday, May 18, 2009

hangin' tough

I will not be defeated! I ran a short, short route today. I am going to rebuild and bust four hours in the marathon, or die trying! No dog issues today!!!!)
I will log at least 20 miles a week until training kicks in for Bass Pro. I will also try to incorporate some races to build speed and stamina before training starts. All trees are in the ground! I spent three hours doing yard work today, too. Maybe my body can start recovering now. I am a little tired of the perpetual soreness?


jel said...

hang in there!

just remember the little train saying
(I think I can. I think I can) :)

jel said...

better let the theme of Rocky!

kara said...

Sounds like a winning formula : )

Beth said...

So glad you got your trees in. What an accomplishment!

Marlene said...

20 mi/week will give you a strong base for your marathon training.

And yard work is great cross-training!


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