Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Larry the Lab

I'm pullin' myself up a little from the running depression I've been in, I realize that I am greatly blessed to be alive and able to run! So what if there are a few unruly dogs!? I can handle this!!
I am getting a plan of attack in how I will organize my daily runs, which way I will run, what dogs I have to deal with on that day, etc.
Today I pushed a little further to the North. I went down a road called "Cedar Ridge" Of course the first house had a dog!! Here he comes barking up a storm! I decided to talk nice to him! Guess what? He calmed down and started following me?! He was a white Lab so I named him Larry and we enjoyed a brief run together! How do you like that!
It's still quite a stresser to wonder what will come barrelling out of the next yard but as time goes by, with continued perseverance, I ought to be able to run out here.
I am only going to log 20 miles a week. I am doing strengthing exercises, and a stretch Eric Johnson showed me for the lower ab pain I've been dealing with. Today was actually the best I've felt in a long time out on the road. 3.25 miles. Of Hills!!!

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Marlene said...

I like the potitive attitude!


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