Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Finally after many days we have some sunshine. I did the Bull Creek turnaround, or what I call the 2K hill. The dogs are still giving me grief but I'm becoming less concerned that they will bite. I'm still miffed that the owners allow such behavior but it takes all kinds to make the world go round.

5.35 miles. The out was in 9:35's and the back was like 11's. I felt good and hope to begin increasing mileage soon.

Spent two hours on the mower today, too! Still have 250 tree to plant!!!! Peace!


Marlene said...

2K hill - sounds fun! :{

Coachhrd said...

I wish we had MORE sun! Thanks for your comments yesterday.

jel said...

today was something!

i was wonding what that bright yellow ball was in the sky, :)

take care

Beth said...

Maybe if the dogs haven't come after you yet it means they are getting used to you? Glad you are staying safe so far.


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