Monday, May 11, 2009

We talkin' trails then dog attack

I crossed the Bull creek today, had to stop and take my shoes off, the water is over the slab by about a foot, then dry my feet, re shoe, and run...the trail was not bad, I've decided I need to research a good shoe for trails and road.
Scared up another turkey, saw an old cemetery, saw a conservation agent, ran to a fork in the road and turned back.
As I was nearing home here came the house with the dogs, sure enough here came the one full bore right at me, I really felt like he was going to take a hunk out of me, I swung the stick and caught him on the side of the head, he yelped and retreated. I really feel bad about this, I love dogs!
I'm certain the owners have to know this has happened. I do not want to get off on the wrong foot with a neighbor but I really believed this animal was going to bite!
My stick actually broke at the bottom so I got him good.
8.13 miles today. Felt good. Trail running is slow, though. Peace (I wish)


Shilingi-Moja said...

Except for the dog, sounds like a great run. I do hope you can figure out how to talk to your neighbor and come to some kind of solution to the dog problem. That's no fun.

Beth said...

Oh, no! Good thing you had a stick, but so sad that the owner doesn't take care of his dog. Take care of yourself!

rob horton said...

dogs can really spoil a run. sorry that you are having this challenge.


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