Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday is for meetings!

A busy day today, running around town, meetings, hospital, such are Thursdays. My favorite paper is the Thursday paper. Thursdays are often a quiet night at home.
Usually a good run is up for Thursday, but today was a survival run. I felt sore and slow. I just tried to get in the miles. 5 in 52:53. Not a good pace but I'm still on the tail end of this cold that seems unshakable.
I'm hoping for a time at the track tomorrow. I need some mile repeats. Hope for 6 x 1600. Saturday will be 6.2. Training for the Marathon is winding to a close!

Looking ahead to next week:
Monday- 10-9:15's
Wed- 8-9:40's
Fri- off
Saturday(3/28)- 1/2 Marathon race. I plan on running a little faster than marathon pace (8:40's)with a two mile warm-up and two mile cool-down giving me 17+ miles.
Then I begin the taper!
Cooled off down here but still in the 50's-peace!


aron said...

good luck this weekend! YAY for taper time :)

DawnB said...

thanks for your visit. Have a great race this weekend and an even better Marathon your plan looks solid

Love to Run said...

Good Luck in the Half. Don't forget to have fun during the race!

And Go Marquette! LOL. OK Go Missouri as well. At least for 1 game :)

Marlene said...

I'd take 50's right now! :)

I hope your run today goes better than yesterday. They can't all be great, right?

Have a great weekend!

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