Monday, April 20, 2009

A Brand New Start!!

Remarkable! An ice bath has amazing medicinal value!! It is probably the hardest thing I've ever done though:)!!! My body feels real good despite some right leg soreness around the back and outer side of the knee.
As I wait to watch the Boston Marathon I am thinking about my plan of action in regards to breaking the four hour barrier.
Here are my thoughts. This week is moving week so I will probably run only two or three times very easy and short.
Next week I will begin to train specific for a half marathon, June the 13th in Joplin, Mo. Bart Yasso will be there so I will try to pick his brain a little. I did Yasso's before my marathon and they were predicting a 3:54.
I will try to post the lowest possible time I can. I will do long runs, speed work, and focus on nutrition. In all reality I could stand to lose 6-7 more pounds!
I heard a stat that says for every pound you lose you can run 2 seconds per mile faster...?
I am really very encouraged after this past marathon. A 4:19:05 official, 5/28 overall.
This was more of a trail race and I should of been more aware of and learn I guess.
After the Half I will have a little over four months to prepare for the Bass Pro marathon. I will break the four hours here.
Also, my marathon training will include more mileage, and faster long run times.
Good luck to all those folks in taper mode!!


DawnB said...

I like your plan. I'm surprise that for each pond its on 2 secs faster. Just seems like it should be more.

Beth said...

Having a plan is a great motivator. Sounds like you are mentally ready to tackle your next goad. Congrats again on a great race and good luck with your half training.

rob horton said...

enjoy the journey of preparing for the bass pro. if you want a taste of a true trail race try this one:

looking forward to reading more bro :)


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