Thursday, April 2, 2009


I have decided to be more focused on two things for this marathon. My hydration and diet. Usually I just drink what I drink and eat what I eat... but I am focusing on staying well hydrated through the duration of this program, and I am very particular about what I am eating.
My foods of choice? Peanut butter, raisins, fig newtons, bananas, waffles, any kind of noodles, and yes, Chinese!!! Also, I bought some power bars and have been trying them out.
My drinks, milk with Ovaltine, water, grapefruit juice (diluted with water) and vitamin water. O yes, coffee!!
Today the weather was just wonderful! 50ish, windy, rainy, but it felt good out there!

A 10K run on tap @ HM pace- A mile warm-up at 9:55.54 then these mile splits:

I felt great, finished the 10K in 54:37.57-that's 8:48's. The course was rolling hills with some nice flat segments. I'm dealing with some slight right hip discomfort but nothing debilitating.
Two runs left for this week! 4.1 easy tomorrow, and 12 at MP Saturday.


aron said...

being focused on those things are such a good thing! nutrition really does make a huge difference. great job on the runs!

Marlene said...

A healthy, clean diet does wonders for my performance... I'm sure you'll find the same.

Nice 10K!

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