Saturday, April 18, 2009


Less than two hours until gun time. Slept pretty good. Up at 4:45. Breakfast: whole wheat waffle with pb, glass milk with Ovaltine (my standard fare). Other things we runners are concerned about......went well!
My race # is age! Cool! Found a penny on the ground on the way out of registration! Cool! I am not superstitious! But anything helps!
I asked myself this morning "why am I paying to run and to suffer?" I could stay in bed?!
Too many reasons most people don't understand cause me to run. This marathon appears to be a beautiful, quiet course. Through the Ozarks, valleys, hills, creeks, this is the time I connect with God. That's one of my main reasons. Solace, freedom, discovering the depths of perseverance, and many other things cause me to toe the line in anticipation of the challenge that lays ahead.
Off to the races!!


kara said...

WTG! - Sounds like a nice course. Look forward to post race post : )

Coachhrd said...

Looking forward to the post-race report!

rob horton said...

does it mean anything when turkey vultures are circling your head 20 miles into a race? :)

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