Friday, June 26, 2009


It's hot nearly everywhere! I prefer the heat but I will get out earlier/later due to common sense!

(some of) My rules of thumb in hot weather running:

Get it done before 10am, or wait 'till about eight.

Anything over six miles take water with you

Cool down briefly outside before entering the air conditioning

Of course stay hydrated

Your body has the most sophisticated cooling system in the animal world! Sweat with joy and confidence!

I opted for a Fartlek run today. Because of the 83 degree 79% humidity a mile time trial was not a good idea. But a 6X75 sec. @ 3K Fartlek run sounded fun!
So off with my Garmin I went. Once out on Hwy W if I go North the road is not so hilly, it's the flattest route I could have. A 1.5 mile warm-up then I began the work out. I launched into what I thought would be my 3K pace, it should of been around 7:40's. Here are the splits, first one was flat, second uphill, third downhill, returned so they reversed-
6:59, 7:41, 6:43, 7:51, 6:54, 8:10. By the last one I was pretty well spent but felt good. One thing I noticed and was reminded of; have you ever noticed how your base pace increases between Fartlek segments? My recovery pace was around 9:10's. Speed work has such significant benefits! Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day! I may only get in a short recovery run. They are predicting the hottest day yet tomorrow! Good luck to all who are racing this weekend, wish I was....peace!


Marlene said...

Good tips for the heat. I find I need water for anything over 3 miles these days. GLUG, GLUG, GLUG!

Sounds like a fun fartlek workout - great times too!

Chanti said...

Good advice for the weather - it has been hot, hot, hot out!

I have to agree with your statement about your base pace increasing in between segments - I noticed it last night when we were doing some 400m race pace laps in between some fast 300m repeats. I kept having to make myself slow down - weird! :-)

Great job!

Spirit Flower said...

Mark, I just put an explanation of your love for the heat in my latest blog post and even mentioned you in parentheses. Well that makes two blog entries in a row that you have been mentioned. Cheers!


Beth said...

Good idea to be sensible in the heat. I've noticed the same thing with my speed workouts, that the recoveries end up being faster than I usually run. Be careful out there in the heat. I would also add "wear a hat".

DawnB said...

sound advice. Very nice work out those splits are to die for .


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