Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hills and hollows

I ran the Hwy W hill route today. I was wanting 8 miles but noticed I couldn't get to GA pace so I settled for a 7 mile recovery run. I'm encouraged by my recovery from Mondays run. Only a little right butt soreness? and left plantar, but nothing bad...I'm just a big wimp!
I've decided that to be a trail runner, and an ultra distance athlete you have to get over being a wimp. That'll be hard for me, but I was thinking back to my last marathon, which was a trail marathon, that I was tough during that race. I actually beat faster runners because I pushed through the pain, and discomfort. Embracing the pain is something that has to be learned...?
Anyway, 7 miles in 1:14.20. This is a very hilly route, if I knew how to get the elevation graph from the Garmin to the blog you could see this wonderful hilly route. Any help is appreciated.
I continue to work on stride and form...navel to today I "pulled the road" this is an effective stride enhancer. Try it..when you strike the ground pull the road like you have to get a treadmill going. You will find yourself running~!
I felt like a runner today. It was one of those days. Even though my pace was a little slow I felt strong and confident. I am believing I will run my next marathon beyond my expectations!
Hope all is well in your neck of the woods and the miles are a pleasure!


Spirit Flower said...

Mark, my first job interview is for an environmental contract position at Ft Leonard Wood. Maybe I'll get to be a TRAIL runner too!

Mark said...

I'm hoping you get the job...there is a lot of great forest up there!

jel said...

hope y'all have a great 4th Mark

Marlene said...

Do you currently use a program to upload runs from your Garmin to the computer? Sport Tracks, Motion Based and Garmin Connect seem to be popular.

There is also a free program I use at

You can upload your runs and they even provide a code to paste into your blog so we can view the details.

Chanti said...

It's always great to have those days where you feel like a runner!! Makes it all worth it. :-)

Mark said...

Thanks, Marlene!


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