Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sprinkles then sparkles!

Just a fantastic day for running! 70 ish with overcast skies and light rain. I broke a nice sweat and felt fluid and oiled.
Had to cut down on the distance. Don't want to get greedy with the mileage, you can get injured that way. 4.15 at base pace with progressively better mile splits, from a 10:34 warm-up mile to a 9:19 finishing mile. This was Hwy "W" south route, so it was hilly! I think I am becoming a better hill runner. Not only going up but in the going down. Technique is everything. Today I thought about kicking the heel back, not overstriding, and pulling the ground on the downs. I felt real good and believe I am getting into new territory in my running. My form has improved, I have always been a head down runner, but today noticed that habit is being broken?! I look so forward to Monday! I am planning on doing the loop. I hope to beat my current PR of 4:21.17. Nothing like competing with self!
35.54 miles this week-
Happy fourth!


Marlene said...

Of COURSE you are getting stronger on the hills. I knew it would pay off!

Good luck on the big loop!

jel said...

hope ya had a nice 4th :)


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