Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"W" South roller coaster ride!

"W" South is one of very few different runs I have considering my location. Today I decided to count the hills one way. There are 14 of them! I didn't count the short rises (3) to keep this an honest assessment. So over the course of 7.35 miles I had 28 hills! That's 3.8 hills per mile! Basically this is a roller coaster ride! I am pleased with the results today. Here are my splits 10:17, 9:23, 9:10, 9:33, 9:45, 9:49, 10:17. I was wondering what it would be like to run on some flat land? I have been developing and working on my hill running technique. The Garmin showed that my fastest pace speed was 10.3 mph! Gettin' better on the downs! I held pretty good on the ups until the last mile when I was toast.
The old bones are holding up good. I hope to do an easy recovery run Thursday then my Fartlek run on "W" north Friday. "W" North is a bit flatter. The hill intensity eases up some but they are still there!! This is the Ozarks and I'm lovin' it!
Looking for a race to run but only a bunch of 5ks. Need something longer....

On another note- Remember all the trees I planted? As expected there has been attrition but the ones living are doing well! My neighbor came by when I wasn't home to help me out...he mowed some of my yard...yep, you guessed it..he mowed down a row of trees that were growing very well. I saw his wife yesterday, she asked if he might have done that, I can't lie? I said yeah, he mowed down about seven of em. I said "Don't worry about it, they're only trees." She said
"Oh, I'm not worried about it." Huh, I thought. Then she said "well I didn't think they'd live anyway with this heat and all..." I guess she hadn't seen me watering my little trees! I motioned her over to take a look at how this one row was doing! I'm a proud Papa! Peace!

( I'm ordering more trees!)


Marlene said...

HOLY HILLS! Your quads must be getting so strong.

Bummer about the trees. :( Glad to hear that some are still going strong!

jel said...

sorry about the trees,

happy running :)

Spirit Flower said...

Hey Mark, I was down at Ft Leonard Wood yesterday. I had no idea how hilly that place is! I respect your running!

Jamie said...

serious hills! nice job on the run!

I would be slightly annoyed that the neighbors weren't more apologetic about the tree mowing. good luck keeping the remainders alive :)


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