Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bounce back

Amazing weather!!! We had storms in the night and wonderful, cool temps. Is this August? Feels like early October? I have a very packed day today so I had to be out the door early. Initially I was worried that I'd be dragging like yesterday but not so; my body wasn't achy or tired, and I was able to find a nice pace. I did not look at the Garmin the whole way, and I kept pulling back the reins, I wanted to go faster but I must use this week as recovery!!
Lot's of kids waiting for the bus, they just looked at me, deer in the headlights, I smiled, waved, and encouraged, it's the first day of school!
I ran to "four mile pond" and back. It's a nice little run on "W" north, some good hills and quiet roads. A great time to think. Totals-8.13 miles/ 1:21:44/ 10:02 avg.
As I was running I was thinking about hydration for running a marathon. There are so many experts out there in running land, and so many varying ideas in regard to hydration. Example- Only drink when thirsty. Drink often and a lot- and then there's the multitude of everything in between. So what's the best hydration strategy?
Here's what I know: Yes, we each have our own idiosyncrasies, but certain physiological principles apply to us all.
My strategy is going to be this:
The principle that my body is an engine and the cooling system must stay in top working order.
Over the years I've experienced runs where I'd stop sweating? ( 10 milers in the heat w/o water)If I would find water, drink, very soon I'd sweat again. Duh!!
So the essential idea is fluid replacement! Here's what I've been practicing on every run lately.
I'm carrying a hand held 22oz water bottle with an accelerade mix. I begin drinking at mile one, just a sip, but continue to drink throughout the entire run. Usually around mile four I will make sure I drink at least two oz's each mile from that point. So far I've never thirsted, not had sloshing in the stomach, I've noticed I can taste extra salt in my sweat?!
It's like keeping oil going over the engine. What happens if the oil runs out? Burn up!!
So, I will carry a hand held bottle during the marathon and keep plenty of fresh oil in the engine.
I will relate my fueling strategy on another post. Hope it warms up! I want some more Summer!


Jamie said...

Yay for awesome running weather! Nice job on the early morning run. Hydration is tricky and I seem to always be tweaking my strategy. Sounds like you found one that works for you though.

Anonymous said...

I definitely haven't figured out hydration yet. I'm planning on putting water bottles in friends' mail boxes for my 20-miler this Saturday. My fuel belt isn't cutting it for the summer

Beth said...

Well if there is anyone that has had to figure out hydration, it's been you running in all that heat and humidity. Glad you found what works for you!

lindsay said...

on warm and mid-/long runs i take a sip (or a few) every mile to make sure i am constantly getting in some water. sounds like you have a good plan going!

i've read about other people taking salt packet (like from mcd's) before/during a run too to help with cramping and i guess sweating out too much salt? i don't know the science of it - but maybe if you're interested you can look into it?

Running, kind of. said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day!!!

I need more summer too! It can't be over yet!!

Great pointers on staying hydrated. I have thought about running with a water bottle but never actually have. I have seen some pretty neet ones. I have a feul belt that a loathe to wear. ;)

I look forward to hearing how this strategy works for you in your marathon!

Run Happy!

jel said...

we had a wild storm the other night too!

not being a runner, I like the cool temps , :)

have a good run!


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