Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Get smart

Yes, I'm a Baby Boomer. I also am of the TV generation. My folks used to sit us kids in front of the TV then go out for their Saturday night party. We'd watch "Sing along with Mitch", "Red Skeleton", "Jackie Gleason" and one of our favorites "Get Smart". "Missed it by that much" was a favorite quote from that last show. Such is the case with today's run...missed is by that much-3 miles. I am really well pleased with the effort, though. You see, I used to run on the flat, the Springfield Plateau. Now I'm in new territory, the Ozark Hills. So the level of difficulty is higher. I am encouraged with the effort today.
Totals- 17.0 miles/ 3:22:36/ 11:55's. The first 10 miles were very strong, around 10 min per mile, I had to start walking up the hills and that kicked my total time up.
I wonder what running the flats would be like? My goal is fifty miles this week. Up to 23.15 right now. Four more runs...thankfully, the heel felt real good today!!


Marlene said...

You are putting forth a much stronger effort running in those hills. 17 miles is nothing to scoff at! Good work!

Running, kind of. said...

Ozarks, huh? That does make for some hilly runs! Keep up the good work. One of these days I will have to do a long long run. Like over 13.1 mile... :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

aron said...

nice job on the 17 miler!!! especially a hilly one!

Jamie said...

great job on the 17 hilly miles!

lindsay said...

17 is still excellent though i understand feeling a little down about not hitting 20. i missed it this weekend too :-/

nice job on the hilly 17!


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