Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Same old song and dance

I guess I'm a broken record sometimes.....I know I'm a whimp when it comes to any type of pain or discomfort. Today as I was running I remembered how my wife endured natural childbirth twice, then I belly ache about a couple of aches and pains! I am the biggest baby in the world! You ought to see me when I catch a cold! I also remembered this-

Watch part one if you have time. In many ways it is so true!! Anyway, my point is I can endure some pain, and suffering. Suffering is a different form of pain. Have you ever been in that last mile of a race, sucking air you needed 5 seconds ago? Hurting and thinking about quiting or you'll die!? Of course you have if you've raced. Even when we train we need to get to that place of suffering. It's hard for me because I'm a whimp! I tried today. Even though this is a cutdown week I still felt the need to push. I decided on at least 10 miles at base pace. I managed 11.24 miles in 1:52:16 averaging 9:59's. I am very, very pleased with this effort. The hills and humidity were against me but I felt really good. For me to break below 10 min mile avg on these hills is good! I noticed on the flats I was running around 8:50's.
I'm icing the heel, it's better! I only need 20 more miles this week! I hope to be rested and ready to post three weeks in the 50's starting next week. That's my goal, anyway.
So, I beat the hills today! Hope things are going well in your world! Peace!!


DawnB said...

don't worry we all get that way sometimes,

Nice workout I dream of the days under 10 mins workout will come back to me.

looks like your trainin is going well.

lindsay said...

nice job on the 11+ miles!

i think i am a big wimp too. sometimes i want to quit on easy training days! sad sad. keep sticking it to the run and come out on top!

Marlene said...

Great run, Mike! Way to push yourself.

No pain, no gain!

Marlene said...

Who's Mike? Sorry about that, I know your name is Mark! Should e easy to remember since that's my hubby's name. :)

Just_because_today said...

Of course I have felt that pain in every race but more so in the last 3 miles of a marathon and then I swear never again. I like to think of "Footprints" and imagine God carrying me, running for me!
I watched that video as I was having contractions with my first baby, hysterical


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