Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Final "Weak"?

So far this final week of training, before the taper, is starting off slow. I've not had the energy or initiative to do a long run?! Once I get started in the run I feel okay. It's just I seem so draggy and tired. I sure hope I can get it done tomorrow. If not I'll have to do the long run on the track rather than the MP miles this Saturday.
Otherwise it was a good day. 6.2 miles/ 1:07:27/ 10:52's. (Molasses in winter)
Some of us are natural born leaders, but I believe leadership can also be taught and learned. I was reminded today of a very important and oft overlooked principle in leading with integrity. "Being right" cannot compete with "doing well". Think about it! Peace!


Beth said...

I agree that leadership can be taught. We all have behaviors that we are comfortable with, but we can learn new behaviors and step out of that comfort zone. Isn't great to believe in everyone's potential and not that some people are just pre-selected?

You are almost done with your training. Great job!!

Meg Runs said...

Listen to your body during taper...I've been learning that slowly but it does make a difference!

So, I thought about being right vs. doing well and it dawned on me that no one really sets off to do something "to be right" but we all try to tackle a project by doing a good job...doing well at that task. So when does the attitude take a turn and how can we stop that in ourselves?

lindsay said...

it is not uncommon for me to struggle with getting out and doing a long run (or a not-so-long run too). hope you are able to motivate yourself out the door! home stretch!

Marlene said...

I always enjoy your insightful quotes/ideas. Thanks for sharing!

I felt really draggy when I taper started. Get the rest you need so you're fresh for the big day!

Ted said...

It is imperative that you get ample amount of rest before the big day. I do know that there are time when we feel very tired from all the training we put into before the big day. Rest up dude !


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