Friday, October 16, 2009

Opted for Golf!

Today it has been cold, windy, and dreary! I arose early-5:15, worked for 4 hours, ran 4.2 miles, and went golfing! It was great! Not hardly a soul on the course besides me and my two buddies. I shot real well! If the putter had been working I'd of closed near my handicap which is eleven.
I appreciate the encouraging comments in regards to my slacking this week. It's down to 16 days until the Bass Pro Marathon!! I'll not fret over this weeks lost mileage.
I am developing my race plan and I definitely plan on going for 3:59:59! One of the important things for me is to not start too slow. I did that last year at Bass Pro and I never could get to MP...ever! It was a tough run! I've got a good plan on fluids, gels, and salt. The only "worry" is I've not done a 20 miler! I've done eight runs between 17-19 of hills and trails in the last 15 weeks. We will see how this works!?
So, all these weeks of training culminates in one run. Wow! This course is flat and fast. It is perfect for a PR and for a guy trying to break a barrier. Good luck to all who are racing this weekend!!! Peace!


kara said...

I like the sound of your time goal. I couldn't imagine running 26 miles! After running a half - I felt that was far enough : )
BTW - I would much rather run than play golf. Talk about stressful!

Brybrarobry said...

I think you'll be fine, you've got a great base. I see a sub 4 hour in your future.

Good Luck


Jamie said...

You've done a lot quality runs this training. You are ready to run!!! Seriously do not worry about not running a 20... you hit a lot of high mileage and have a great base. 15 days and nearly time to taper! Good luck!!!

Chris said...

Mark - Thanks for all the great comments on my little blog. I can't wait to hear how your Marathon goes. One thing I kept reminding myself of during my past 1/2 was the advice from some past NY Marathon winner - they said that we always have it in ourselves to surprise ourself, and do better than we think.

Anonymous said...



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