Saturday, October 24, 2009

Punt pass and kick!

Okay, it is simply perfect outside today! Sunny, 51 degrees, nice breeze from the North. I got out early and drove to the track. Had to stop by the church and let some of my fine young leaders into the church. They are putting on a "Neewalloh" party on the parking lot this afternoon. That's backwards for Halloween.
I hit the track with an "Oh, No!" Bunches of people there? What's up? It was the regional Punt pass and kick competition preparing to start. I saw one runner on the track, going the wrong I said "what the hay!" I'll just weave through the folks....?
So it's my last track workout before the race. It is only for maintaining conditioning. Don't kill yourself! I wanted to experiment with going out faster. So I did. I didn't really experience problems with the folks. Some gave way to me, others didn't see me...I could of not run but I wanted this one. Finally the folks moved to the stands as their kids went onto the field. It was odd feeling like a hundred people were watching me every time I came around?!
The other runner and I began to converse every time we passed each other. She is training for the Bass Pro HM. She looked real strong. I asked her if she had a time goal. She said " I ran 12 miles in 1:50 so I want to break two hours." I said, "You'll do that easy!!" I also invited her to the 6:00am worship service where I'm the speaker.
I decided on a short effort today. Just keeping the cobwebs out! I did kick it in on the last mile for fun...and to show off! Lots of fat Dads in the stands! Yes, I have a mean streak!

Totals-8.01 miles/1:09:57/ 8:44's-the splits- 8:58, 8:45, 8:40, 8:51, 8:44, 8:50, 8:51, 8:06-

I did note that starting faster put me in a feeling of deficit for a while. If I could just find that happy median?

I am getting very excited about the race. It is a big deal to me. I have to take vacation time to run marathons so I can't run but around two a year. I am so ready to do it! The young lady running the wrong way ( maybe I was:)) asked me my time goal, I said I want to break four hours. I said it out loud! I have to be realistic about my goal. This will require me to break a barrier in me. My racing and training all point to the potential of beating the clock but what about me? Can I break the barrier in me?

As to what next, after Bass Pro. Depends on the result. Peace!


Beth said...

I'm so glad that you are excited, because I am excited for you! You have trained so well. No matter what happens, you couln't have worked any harder to prepare yourself and you should be proud of that.

Marlene said...

Busy day at the track. Good for you getting your workout done anyway.

4:00... just keep saying it outloud. I have confidence in you!

lindsay said...

glad you didn't let the crowd stop you! i hate when i get to the track and something is going on and i can't run as planned - i'm not very good at improvising.

lol about the 'show off' mile for the fat dads :)

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