Saturday, February 13, 2010

Heat Wave!!

Today it is warm!! 40+ degrees! Very nice!! Cloudy, breezy, but the warmest day in months!
Yesterday I had a butt kicking headache! I very rarely get sick but I was down for half the day.
I opted to keep on schedule today and got the 36.5 minute run in with three hill repeats. I could tell I wasn't at 100% because my recovery was slower than norm on the repeats.
What I though about today: Whiney people-do you ever tire of the constant complainer? Do you know anyone like that? Is it just a lifestyle? Can a whiner be a nice person? Is there hope that they'll stop whining? Am I a whiner? Yes! Especially when I'm sick! My wife has to put up with it, bless her!
I feel like I'm getting stronger in resolve, and I have a pretty decent plan to get back on track-Peace!


jel said...

hope ya are feeling better , 4 your wife, peace of mind :)

take care

Just_because_today said...

whiners dont change, that is how they get attention. It is difficult to be friends with one

5 Miles 2 Empty said...

Good job getting out there despite your headache! hope you kicked it and that it is over.

As for whining, I know I was a total whiner as a kid. I still do occasionally. I think I whine to certain people...those who respond I guess? Just like Just_Because_Today said. Hmm...I should work on it. I think sometimes my whining is really just venting and releasing pent up emotions.

lindsay said...

hope you are feeling better! pop a few more m&m's and get some extra rest ;)

40*... JEALOUS. :)

Beth said...

I am only okay to be a whiner if you can be funny while whining. I had a friend a long time ago that was the best at that. I never laughed so hard as when she would complain. Other than that, no whining please. Glad you are doing well.

Marlene said...

Hope you're feeling better.... I have been known to whine myself when I don't feel well.


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