Wednesday, March 10, 2010


The wonder of Nature!! I love the changing of the seasons. I've been watching all the different birds flitting around preparing the nests, the ponds are so alive with activity! The decibel level of the frogs in these ponds is truly amazing! It IS mating season!!
The temps are swinging from 50's to 70's and it is tornado season. We are in store for some possible threatening weather tonight. I don't know if you've ever been in a tornado but I can tell you it is a very frightening experience.
Time moves along, doesn't it? I managed another 30 min run with no "real" noticeable pain or discomfort. I'd like to run two more times this week. Thanks, friends, for your encouragement and kind words during this time for me. I really am bummed that I can't race! Hope your ponds are alive and your days blessed! Peace!


Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Oh, sorry about the pain, but take it easy. Patience!

Meg said...

Nests, ponds, frogs...enjoy the arrival of spring and you'll be back to running soon enough, hang in there!

Marlene said...

It's nice hearing all of the sounds of spring out there again... bugs, frogs, birds.

I can't say I've been anywhere near a tornade, but they do sound scary. Stay safe!

lindsay said...

i can only remember one tornado scare from middle school when the sky turned green. freaky scary stuff! be safe.

30min is better than nothing. hopefully you'll be totally pain-free soon!

Anonymous said...

You really do need a run! Not that sitting in a rocking chair watching birds is bad! Hope you get back to running soon.


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