Monday, May 17, 2010

Count the blessings

Yep, must remember to count up the blessings! Today I was able to run....somewhat....I'm continuing the building process. I managed thirty minutes today with some extended running time with brief respites of walking. I still believe I will come out on the other end...the lean mean running machine I see in my mind. Hey, congratulations to Marlene!! She broke the 4 hr barrier in the marathon. I think this is a great accomplishment and inspiration! Way to go friend!!
Sandy and I are still on this emotional roller coaster dealing with a devastating family has been good to have my College boy in town. He and his girlfriend are going out with us for dinner tonight. Looking forward to it....peace!


Meg said...

It's all good, having your kids home, hope the dinner is light and deserve it!

lindsay said...

hope you are enjoying the family time -- i am sure you are! the running will come, stay patient and believe in your abilities.

yes, huge congrats to marlene!

Candice @ I Have Run said...

I sing the "Count Your Blessings" song (from the movie White Christmas) to my girls at bedtime. It's so true how much it can help to reflect on our blessings. Glad there are some bright spots while you are struggling. Hope dinner was great!

And great job easing back into running. I was in that same spot a few months ago, so I know it is hard!

Marlene said...

Thank you, my friend from the Ozarks! I have appreciated your support & encouragement so much!

Great job on your run... I'm happy to see things coming along for you!

Jamie said...

Keep on with the building process! You'll be back :) And enjoy your time with your family! Always nice when everyone is home!


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