Thursday, May 27, 2010

Don't Push Me!!

My Achilles tendon is yelling at me!! I have run four days in a row and each day I have felt very well. The tendon still has some inflammation, I guess, it feels like it is burning when I over do, and after today's 30 minutes I notice a slight burn and stiffness.
I have to be careful to not push the tendon or ankle....I mean I really did a number on this puppy back in November! This is in no way a set back but I am not at 100% by any means. I will run once more this week, Saturday, and hope to see the ankle-tendon continuing to improve.
I am just now beginning to establish a base camp. If I can keep on I expect to begin increasing in a few weeks. Having some good friends over...hope we can get our minds off of the recent life changing event. I seem to be getting better faster than Sandy, but that is to be expected, this issue is hitting very close to her heart.
Hope you all are running and training well. I'm itching to race! Peace!


Terri said...

Mark, your attitude is great as you work through this injury. Keep doing so you will run again!

I will pray for you and your wife Sandy as you go through this very difficult suffering. My husband and I went through a difficult time in our family a few years ago and it by far was the hardest trial I have ever suffered. I know you are familiar with the scriptures but wanted to share a verse that has basically become my mantra in all trials, its Romans 8:35-37. I know that the same God that brought triumphant faith to me through that time will also bring your faith to a victorious end for His glory. Pressing on!

Marlene said...

Glad you're playing it smart and taking care of yourself during this build phase.

Have a great weekend!

Anne said...

That achilles can produce quite the noisy knot. Stay the course, Mark. Don't give in to temptation and maybe consider running every other day until the tendon's fully healed.


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