Tuesday, May 25, 2010

T-Storms and a Pre-me?

Spring thunderstorms are popping up all over! Believe it or not I had great difficulty getting my 30 in today! I had to wait for a storm to get by, then I received a call from a person that considers me their Pastor but lives out of town and she'd given birth to her son but she was only 25 weeks along! She really wanted me to come see her and pray with her so I did. The baby weights 1.9lbs and is 13 inches long. I got to go in and see the baby. Amazing! They gave little Matthew a 1 in 20 chance of making it and so far he is doing well!
I got home...the phone rang.....then I finally got out the door....another t-storm moving in....so I ran up and down the lane in case the lightning and rain started...I made it!!!! 30 minutes!
I don't want to get to excited but my foot is feeling great! Peace!!


Marlene said...

Great job finding the time for that run and doing what you needed to do.

I hope baby Matthew holds on tight! My thoughts are with the family.

lindsay said...

thoughts and prayers for matthew and his family!


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