Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cruise Intervals

In order to devote Saturday to my Sweetheart Sandy, it will be her BD, I decided to hit the track today. I arrived as early as possible (7:45am) but the heat, humidity, and sunshine already made it very hot! No matter, I love it! A good four lap warm-up and then the work-out; a sweet little plan today. I want to find that threshold, where I am right now in regards to speed and sustained speed. One effective way is to do Cruise intervals. A "Threshold" pace run.....running a sustained pace where you are right on the edge of Lactic Acid overdose! Think of it as the threshold of a door.....when you cross the threshold you enter a new realm, environment, from outside to inside(sustained pace to abstained pace!). The idea is to discover the threshold then train to push it back. Stay outside longer...get it?
So, my decision was to do 2x1000m (400m recover) and 2x100m (100m recover). My little work-out! I found that pace! Not as fast as I wanted, but I knew I had to hold back. In short distances we can run faster but that defeats the purpose of the work-out, training and ingraining the body and mind with ability to recognize and handle the threshold.
Here are the results: The 1000's-5:06, 5:07, the 100's :21, :22. I really like dealing in meters btw. I did a decent cool down jog and felt extremely good!? I know I was right on the threshold and I really enjoyed this work-out. I would imagine myself setting the cruise control, keeping good form and breathing, smooth, in control...Gazelle like, okay don't get carried away! I had fun! Heel felt good! I've added minutes this week. All I need is a 40 minute run Saturday and I've put in a good week! Hope you have a great weekend! Peace!!


Marlene said...

Great idea reserving Sunday to spend time with your sweetheart on her Birthday.

Nice work at the track! I'm planning some cruise intervals next week to mix it up from the tempo.

Jamie said...

I love that you love the heat. Can you pass that on? I hope your sweetheart has a great BD!

Meg said...

You are so sweet! HB to your Sweet Lady! Have a nice run!

Johann said...

Well done with the track work out, that requires good discipline. Enjoy the BD!


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