Monday, July 5, 2010

I'm Happy

It takes very little to make me happy/content....Sandy and I headed to Arkansas to see our son Evan over the weekend. He is doing really well and looks great. His girlfriend Amelia is a delight and fun to be around. They showed us the sites in Little Rock, we ate "Authentic Indian Cuisine" very different but good! Had a good time of visiting.....we cried when we had to come home, we've been experiencing some tough family times so we are emotional.
On the way home, in the Buffalo River valley, we ran across a roadside food stand! Picked up some tomatoes and fresh peaches!! Just finished a bowl of the peaches...I'm happy!!
Put in 47 minutes after we arrived home late this afternoon. I have devised a flexible training schedule for the 9/11 5K.
Mon-strength training-15min of hills...Tues...increase time on road....Wed-rest...Thurs-longest run.....Fri-30 min easy...Sat- track day.
Heel is feeling good...I'm happy, hope you are, too! Peace!


jel said...

Glad ya had a good visit,
and a safe trip home

Meg said...

So happy you had fun. Nothing is better than seeing your kids happy! The peaches sound so good!

Jill said...

Nothing beats fresh peaches!! I so love summer and all the fresh fruits! Glad your heel is happy (mine is NOT again!! Err). Glad you got to spend some great times with your son and his gf :)

Middle Name Marie said...

Just found your blog; glad you are happy!

Marlene said...

Glad you had a nice visit with your son this weekend!

Looks like a good plan to keep you on the road, happy & healthy!

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