Monday, April 11, 2011

Pluggin' along

  Didn't feel too good today yet I still ran 32 minutes. Probably just fatigue. I will hit the rack early tonight and expect to continue my program of every day running except Sunday. Reason being is I just get too worn out on Sundays and a run is not realistic according to my schedule.
  We received over an inch of rain and you ought to see my trees!! Woo Hoo! They are taking off! One has already put on 5 inches of new growth. It is stacking up to be a great growing year. It's really exciting to be alive during these times. We will see some amazing and incredible changes in how we live in the next few years. I'm really considering taking up gardening, but just considering!!:) That's a lot of work....maybe when I retire? 32 minutes today! Peace!


Marlene said...

It's important to be realistic with what works for your body and your schedule. Sounds like you're on a great system!

Glad your trees got the water they needed!!

Black Knight said...

32 minutes are not so bad considering that you run 6 days a week.
My garden needs rain too.

Johann said...

I do lots of gardening. It really helps me relax and forget about work stress. Nothing better than taking photos of flowers in your garden that you started as seeds. Keep up the good training!


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