Saturday, September 10, 2011

Still not normal?!

  Man what's up?! I am usually confident, charming, engaging, and do my job well....tonight I just was a pitiful mess when it came to performing the wedding. Oh, basically it went one knew any wiser except me and Sandy. I am just not hitting on all cylinders for some reason? Well the kids that got married are happy! The bride was beautiful!! I guess there are gonna be days like this?
  I managed a 5k run today and ran a couple of miles @ sub 9's. Hope I sleep this off and wake up to the old Mark tomorrow! Peace!


5 Miles Past Empty said... sorry your feeling off. =/ Allow yourself to be off and soon you'll wake up and feel normal again! I think we all go through ups and downs, seeming for no reason. Hang in there!!!

Jill said...

Hope the old Mark is back up and running soon!!

Anne said...

Mark, you OK?


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