Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Surge Week 2

  I continue to increase one minute each run. I will do this for the first 4 days of the week. I did 40 minutes today. Tomorrow I plan on 41. then Friday is the slow easy run and Saturday the 2 mile time trial. I notched 20 miles last week, a perfect inaugural week to the SURGE. Looks like around 21-22 miles will be the total this week...I just keep it slow and steady. I'm watching my caloric intake and I fully expect to get lighter than ever! Goal weight: 165!!! Goal race: Run with The Wind-Feb 16, 2013, then I will run a race in Little Rock, a 10K, then a Marathon in Willard, Mo. I seem to be in pretty good shape in comparison to when I began last year. My weight is lower and I have been running consistently so I have great expectations! Peace!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Surge week 2

  I continue to run every day but Sunday. Increase one minute first four days of the week, easy D on Friday and my 2 mile time trial tomorrow. I can feel the love handles going down!!! Feeling strong, commited, and devoted!
  I promised my son I would run with him in a race next April, and I am shooting for a key race next Feb.
  Hope all is well with you! Peace!


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