Saturday, November 8, 2008

First Bite
26 degree wind chill!! The north wind is alive and well. I warmed-up with one mile easy. I felt really good! Then I decided to run. I love this weather. This is the best alone time a runner has, hardly anyone else (except other runners)will brave the cold!
I ran as I felt but I wanted to time myself to see what pace I was running. I did 2 miles @ 8:37. I cooled with a slow jog for a mile-10:26.71. Finished with a good 4.5 miler.
This is significant to me. If I can recover right, eat right, drink right, train right, I can run a pretty fast half-marathon. I'm leaning towards a goal of 1:50. That would be 8:24's.
I will keep increasing next week and try to get 20 miles of running. Then the 17th I begin a training program. I am currently in the process of writing it and I will try to post as soon as I get it done. I am looking at racing several 5K's and one 10K for time. Then the half. Then recover, then I will shoot for a marathon P.R. in 2009. I may try two marathons to achieve this goal. One for sure will be Bass Pro. That was really a fun marathon.
Well I plan on a cozy night with my wonderful wife, and a great day tomorrow at OHC.

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