Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Minority
Interesting factoid: no county in any of the fifty states has more people in church on Sunday than out of church. Truth: Church is losing relevance! Why? If I could answer that one I'd be the most successful church planter since the Apostle Paul. Some things I know: Young people can smell a rat, easy!-meaning? They want people to be real and true and genuine.
Hypocrisy is the killer!! People who say but don't do.
Affluence can cause absence, yet why is China the fastest growing Christian nation plus growing in affluence? Americans have become self centered? Ask yourself this question- do I care about my neighbor? How will God become number one again? Basically it boils down to one factoid- the individual heart-Being a person who will take a stand for what God has done for them and what they know He can do for others.
All people want is to hear your story told without fear or shame. They want a story, too!
No run today! Rest,

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