Monday, November 10, 2008

Not too busy to post,though. This week is one of those weeks where any down time to be had is going to be at a premium. My schedule is packed full until Friday.
Running this week will require discipline and diligence. I will have to fit it in at times I normally don't like to train, and under circumstances that are not of my choosing. Yes, it's all about me!
But the one thing I know...I am able to run!! This is a blessing so often overlooked. Yes I am able! I have this day! Being busy is not all means I am able, I am active, I am productive.
I believe the best days are ahead. I am still working on my training schedule. I have chosen a goal time for the half marathon in March: a 1:50.00. That would be 8:23's.
I am currently thinking and trying to create a plan that will enable me to achieve this goal and maintain the balance. Well I must hit it now or be stressed!

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