Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Weather- The time has come when the weather begins to beat on your mind. I absolutely love the SUMMER! I love to run in the heat, but the chill of the north wind penetrating thru the head-bone sometimes causes one to waver in commitment. Kinda like life! When the going gets tough the weak say enough!? No, that's not how it goes! The tough get going! Of course that's somewhat facetious, but very true! I've seen quiting first hand! As a kid on the playground, to life as an "adult" in my 28 years as employee/manager to life as a Pastor, I've come to see that quitting is epidemic! Contagious! I am against quitting! Yet to stay tough one must often go "it" alone. Break from the pack. Test the front. Press the issue. Take on the unknown. All by yourself. Few are willing. I love the runners mentality. We even beat the Postman- I've run in weather when the mail didn't get through! Of course the wife thinks I'm nuts! Yesterday 4.5 miles, first warmed then trying to increase training pace-with an 8:53 as the best mile. One mile cool down. Two things I thought of: 1) What if I could increase my stride length by one inch? I need to stretch. 2) The recent marathon has caused me great benefits. I am running at a faster training pace; automatically! Today continue to recover but increase. Despite the weather!!!

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