Thursday, November 13, 2008

Yesterday was an off day. I went out with "The Band of Brothers" and raked a persons yard. I woke up extremely sore. I now see the benefit of cross training. But I'm way too lazy/ busy for that! Unless, of course, it would be golf!
We had 62 degree temps today so I lit out for an easy jog. I am still being careful not to push it to fast. I have noticed some very interesting things since the Marathon; the first mile seems to take forever, my body wants to push the pace after I'm warmed, I seem to have to disassociate more in order to warm-up? Even in extreme soreness I knocked off an easy 9:20 for the last mile. Put in 5.4 miles, 13.4 for the week, looking at two more runs this week. I will finish this week at around 20 miles, then see how I am doing Monday. The rule of thumb is one day of recovery for every mile raced so I may continue the reverse taper for one more week.
I am looking at a 5K race in December to use as a speedwork session. I will aim for 24-25 min.
All in all a very productive day!

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