Thursday, December 11, 2008

Story of my life! Pain in the, too! I forgot to post yesterday what with all the stress it seems I'm enduring. Pastoring has to be one of the loneliest jobs around. Kinda like the Maytag repairman but just the opposite, stuff seems to always go wrong. Even so, I am resilient and will always give the benefit of the doubt towards others. Except mean drivers and dogs!
I ran terribly slow yesterday in the 14 degree temps. Finally broke into 9's by mile two and finished with a 5.8 miler in 59:28.45. The last 3.5 were in 9:38 range so all was not lost.
I've logged 17.6 this week and will attempt speed work today. I am looking to a simple tempo run with three miles at or below 10K pace which is currently 8:26's or thereabouts.
So behind or not I always have the road ahead! I am actually making progress as I have instituted a new program in my work life. It's called six-by-six- if interested in more details I can post about it later. Time to catch up!

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