Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sunshine!!Wow, what a difference some sunshine makes on a run, huh? These last few days have been cold, dark, and dreary. Today was sunny, windy, and cold! No matter, I had a plan to run four miles at 10K pace so I dressed light, gloves, wool hat, long sleeve running shirt, and tights with shorts. I started slow to warm up, man, it seemed to take me forever to make the switch today. Finally at about 2.7 miles I felt good. I have been thinking "running economy" as I run lately. So I worked on being smooth and fluid, in pacing and breathing. Yet the first mile of the four was an unbelievable 9:51! I though I was in the "twilight zone!" I kept at it, though, and the next three miles were good, 8:24, 8:14, 8:11, in that order. I decided to wind down instead of doing another mile and finished with 10 Kilometers in 56:03.97.I am pleased with this workout and I am positive about my improvement. I will break into the 23's in the 5K and 49's in the 10k. I'm pretty sure I will break the 1:50 for the half, too. That is if I stay healthy. I am dealing with at least three maladies but I do have a low pain threshold.Running economy: the management of the body as it performs at a higher level. The efficient use of resources. I'm still working on this idea, your thoughts would be appreciated.Tomorrow is a toss-up, I may rest or I may do 4 EZ miles. My Sweetheart is off work so we may spend the day together.
23.8 miles for the week.

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