Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ice, ice, baby too cold!
Well it has hit a real low today-5 degrees above zero. Yet the sun is shining. I will, again, take a day of rest. My body feels good except from the neck up. I seem to have taken on the form of a cold? Sneezing, runny nose.
I got no sleep night before last! The Motel was a breeding ground for the disrespectful! Noise, noise, and more noise, in the middle of the night-people yelling, slamming doors. Come on!
Anyway, I did not sleep well the night before the wedding. Even though I was exhausted the wedding went on well. Thanks to a runners endurance and mentality!
Today it's church all day. I hope to catch a nap sometime in between. Yet this is what I do and I have been looking forward to this day all week! I have a really good message to bring to the folks! One of inspiration and great hope!
I will hope to be improved for Mondays run. My sweetheart is doctoring me, peace!

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