Monday, December 8, 2008

Long run day today. I mapped out a new run called Battlefield Hills loop. It's difficult without a Garmin (Christmas list) to know mileage because about a third of the run is on a trail system. There is much winding and curving. I'm making an educated guess (which I am very adept) at 11.8 miles. I did the run in 1:53.54. 9:39's. The last leg of 4.3 miles was directly into the 28-35 mph winds we are having today. I was thinking about how these conditions truly reveal the diehard/devoted runner. I pressed on diligently. There were some very good uphill sections in this run. Some long rises which will come in handy in this training segment. I am pleased with the time considering the double difficulty; hills and distance.
In many ways this run reflects the current reality of my life. Three segments, The wind to my back, maintaining rhythm and tempo, the joy of solace on the trails, hearing the creaking of the saplings as the wind bore down on the forest, facing the onslaught of life-headwinds, pressing on with fortitude and guts knowing home is near.
Man do I miss Summer! One of my new Axioms is "Be in season" so I will endure this season and continue to train.
On another note- I was hardly sore at all from the 5K Saturday! I am thinking I chickened out! I could have given more? We will see next time.

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