Thursday, March 26, 2009

Half Marathons past

Etonic running shoes! The race was in November 1986. Super hilly, called the "Maynard Cohick Half Marathon" Still going strong now sponsored by Bass Pro Shops. It was intentionally run on a very hilly course because Maynard Cohick was a mountain climber/ runner, who died while climbing a peak in Tibet.
I did this one in 1:42.54.81. @31 yrs old. 62/142 overall 18/37 age. Note my age group was 26% of the field! Still seems to be that way now. Sure are a lot of old fogies out running?
It's been a long while since I've raced a half. The course Saturday is flat, on crushed gravel? Out and back. The forecast continues to worsen. Now they say possible snow accumulation and temps no higher than 35 degrees. I still plan on running regardless. I need the final long run and a dose of confidence. The marathon is intimidating.
I still have a run today so I'll post again most likely.


Love to Run said...

Nice picture form Days of Old. Good Luck with the race this weekend. Don't let the weather bother you too much but make sure you wear enough to stay warm. Everyone is running in the same conditions. In a temp like that, I usually will wear a "throw away" shirt so when I am warn, I toss it off to the side.

Shilingi-Moja said...

So, Mark, do you use Etonic shoes? I got hooked on them a couple of years ago -- they fit and they last 60-100% longer than anything else I've tried. Current pair has 600+ miles.


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