Friday, March 27, 2009

Crazy Weather

Well we are going to remain very soggy here in Missouri. Rain, rain, and more rain, then snow tonight and tomorrow. It will make the race tomorrow very interesting and perhaps a little more difficult to get motivated, but I'm still going to race because of the need for the last long run.
My body seems to be recovering well. Aches and pains seem to be healing even though this is a high mileage week, for me.
I ran 4.4 yesterday putting me at 26.5 for the week. Rest today.
We will be moving! After 10 1/2 years in this house we are moving 25 miles south, closer to the church. April 24th is the closing. Lots to do, thankfully we will move the week after the Marathon.
Wedding tomorrow.
Tomorrow's goal is to break 1:55 in the half. I will push to get at or below 1:52.
Stayed up late watching Mizzou win!! On to the Elite eight!!!
If you're racing tomorrow best of luck and hope you have good weather!


rob horton said...

hello mark - are you planning to do the 50k or the marathon at on 04.18.2009? i am registered for the 50k and am pretty excited about it. looking forward to seeing you out there. enjoy it tomorrow. i ended up doing the little rock half instead of the race tomorrow (given the forecast i am thinking that was a good thing :) ).

Mark said...

Hey Rob! Glad you stopped by! I am planning on the marathon on the 18th. I'm shooting to break 4 hrs.
You made the right choice to run Little Rock! I sure hope it doesn't snow too much tomorrow! Good luck on the 50K!
I'll be looking for you. Are you going to take the bus from Boliver back to willard?

rob horton said...

yep - i am planning to do the park my car in bolivar and take the bus to willard plan. i guess the marathoners and 50k folk will have different starting lines - so with you sub-4 pace i will likely not see you during the race. my hope is to stay on a 8:30 mile pace with walk segments after every .95 miles (walking .05). so hopefully i will either see you on the bus trip or for sure grabbing the free food afterward. enjoy your run tomorrow.

rob horton said...

oh quick question - what congregation do you serve? i was noticing in your profile that you are employed in pastoral services.

Mark said...

Rob, I Pastor Ozark Highlands Church in Ozark Mo. A great, new congregation! 3 1/2 yrs old, around 135 avg attendance. Web-site is
Come on down, bring your family and be our guest! Services start at 10:45.
Sounds like a good plan for your race. I'm still working on mine for the marathon. I have decided on a slow start. Using the first two miles for my warm-up. Prob around 10 min.miles.

aron said...

good luck this weekend!!! hope the weather clears up a bit for you.

rob horton said...

cool - do you know brent davis? brent and i have gotten to know one another due to our intrests in organic churching life.

thanks for the invitation.

Mark said...

Rob, You bet I know Brent Davis! I consider him a good friend and mentor. I actually served with him out of Ridgecrest Baptist many years ago in a church plant called The Village Church, and he was Pastor at OHC before me.
I haven't seen him for a couple of years though. Great guy and family!

Coachhrd said...

Guess it was good our baseball tournament was cancelled down there this weekend!

rob horton said...

cool mark - i thought you might :)


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