Saturday, March 28, 2009

Frisco HM race report

Well I did it....the elements were awful but the turn out was great. Probably 40 degrees, a strong, gusty Northeast wind, and, yes, the torrential downpour! The rain was cold!! Puddles every where!
I got in 1.6 miles before the race for warm-up,using a good parka for protection, then I joined the other runners inside. Finally it was time to go to the start and it was tough to go out in that rain!
Horn went off and we went splashing. This was an out and back course and we started into the wind. 8:33 first mile. I was good with it. I stayed with a guy for the next two miles and I miss read my watch at mile two I thought it said 8:16 so I thought I was too fast. Turns out it was 9:16! Too slow! Mile three came and it was an 8:40. Right where I was wanting to be. I could hear a group catching me and they finally did at four miles-9:14-I saw a 35:45 on my watch and said to myself this is too slow! So I tucked in behind this group of three runners.
Mile five 8:49, mile six 9:09, here the group broke up. I had decided as I was running that when we made the turn I was going to throw away the long sleeve shirt I had on and start racing! Thanks for the tip Bill. The rain had stopped and it was time to go!
I took off my hat in order to get the shirt off, threw it away put the hat back on and started pushing.
The next four miles were my best, mile 7-8:37, mile 8-8:32, mile 9-8:45, mile 10-8:31, I kept pushing, I passed several runners and was holding onto one that was probably 20 feet in front.
Mile 11-slowed 9:07, 12- 9:14, here I was passed by a very strong looking young lady. I tried to hold on to her. Mile 13-8:46, .1-43.81- Total: Unofficial 1:55:58-8:51's
Well, not what I'd hoped for. I wanted a 1:52. I spoke with one of the top finishers, a real nice guy. He said he was about three minutes slower than normal and he attributed it to the elements.
My feet got cold at mile eight! They were freezing and soaked! Otherwise I felt great. I jogged about 6/10ths after but the downpour came again so I settled for a total of 15.1 miles today.
Came home and thawed out in the tub with a super hot bath! I was really frozen. What a tremendous group of runners we have here! Amazing turn out and attitudes! I really enjoyed myself today, plus I got a cool medal and sweet tech shirt!
I'm somewhat concerned about my ability to break the four hour barrier now?
41.6 total for the week. The taper begins. Thanks for all the encouragement!


rob horton said...

mark - i loved the report and thanks for getting it up so quickly - i was thinking about you as i was doing an indoor elliptical session this morning :) i will be doing my little "good weather dance" the next few weeks and be hoping for perfect marathoning conditions for april 18th.

DawnB said...

nice job congratulations. Under such conditions you did well

Love to Run said...


Considering the weather you described, I would have to say that is sounded quite successful to me! Strong wind in your face for 6 1/2 miles will take a toll on you. Rain will make the feet not feel so good, and the wind and rain together just make for miserable conditions. A nice good taper and I think you will have a great shot at sub 4!

I am pulling for you buddy!

Anonymous said...

Great race report. I'd say with that weather you are prepared for anything. way to go!

Marlene said...

Sounds like some crazy weather. Congrats on an awesome time!

Coachhrd said...

Wow, that type of weather is never fun. If it makes you feel any better, we ran 10 today in snow and 30 degrees.

aron said...

congrats!!!! sounds like it was a really tough race but you still did awesome! taper time!


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