Monday, March 30, 2009

Taper Phase-Week one

Official time for Frisco HM was 1:55:53- One additional note to the race. The person that finished in front of me was "OMRR Hall of Famer" Gerald Glass. He is a premier runner and has several state records. He was the only finisher Saturday that was 70 or older! He truly is an amazing runner and person. he fought a courageous battle with prostate cancer and apparently won! I trailed him from mile eight to the finish by about 20-30 feet. He is a machine! His running economy is perfect.
Well, I have mapped out my three week taper. Today was an easy recovery run of 4.1 miles. Just loosening the body and letting it recover a little from the race. All in all I feel pretty good. Just spent. Sundays have a lot to do with that, though.
Have you ever heard of the theory of the "Collapse point"? Take your average daily mileage and multiply it by three and this will be how far you can race hard before you hit the wall. Mine is 16.47 miles. If this holds true I'm in deep dodo.
I plan on giving this marathon everything I got! I still need to decide on how I will eat during the race. The water stations are every three miles! This can't be good? I hope that's some bad info, misprint, or else I will need a plan for refueling. When I ran Grandmas in 2005 they had no gu or food, and I was not carrying anything. At mile twenty my quads were shot and I missed breaking four hours by 6 min. So I need a plan.

Week One of Taper looks like this:
Monday- 4.1 easy
Tuesday-6.0 6X100m striders
Thursday-6.2-LT HM pace
Saturday-12 miles MP pace Total-32.4 miles

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods! Peace!


Marlene said...

Awesome that you finished so close to a running idol. I hope to be running when I'm 70!

Good luck with your taper and last-minute planning.

3 miles? That would NOT work well for me!

Love to Run said...

I have never heard of the thoery ot the "Collapes Point". In any case, I think it is a bunch of balony.

rob horton said...

mark, i think that every 3 miles is what they are planning because of the 50k emphasis. i am planning to wear my fuelbelt and use the front two bottles (one water and one powerade), and i am planning to pin on the belt a few gels.


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