Monday, March 2, 2009

Slug Bug

Mondays are usually long run days for me. Lately it seems Sundays have been taking a toll on me and disabling my Monday plans. I felt like a slug bug today! I was planning for 12 miles but only managed 4.3 miles; the body is tired and sore. Being the Pastor of a fast growing, dynamic body of Believers is a joy and a tremendous drain. My Sweetheart and I are exhausted after the services.

I see now why Monday is often an off day for many runners; they do their long run on Sunday. Last night when we got home around 9:00pm I felt like I'd run a marathon! I was beat! Feet were sore, quads tired. I pump a lot of adrenaline on Sundays!

I plan on 11 to 12 miles tomorrow, Oh, by the way, we are going to see upper 70's by the end of this week!! I am excited about that. I am a hot weather runner and I love the heat!


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