Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Test Run

Needed at least a twelve miler today. I managed to get it done even though I would of rather not. Seems like I'm dealing with the mid-training blahs. I turned in a good run doing the 12 in 1:51.56. I increased pace each half hour and wanted to simulate the marathon pacing strategy I am planning on employing. Start slow and gradually increase pace...does that work?
Hope I get through this valley or funk I'm in, maybe the increase in temps will help. We have a warm front moving in tomorrow.
Seems like maybe I'm dealing with a test of will? I am dealing with some nagging discomforts as we all do, and sometimes the amount of miles I need to log is like a mountain to be climbed.
On another note, I've only run three Marathons, should I carry one of those fanny pack deals during the race? I see folks using those to carry GU or other resources. Let me know your experiences and thoughts on this subject. I have always relied on the water stations for supplement and I'm thinking that is not wise.
Hope your running is going well. Peace!

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Love to Run said...

Hey Mark,

You mentioned what to do abotu carrying stuff with you along a race course. I have had this problem in the past as well because I want to use what I trained with, not what is porvided. Also, I want it when I need it, not when it is provided.

I bought a pair of "Race Ready" shorts. These have pockets on the outside all along the back by the elastic band. These are great for carrying Gu and salt packs but not liquid. The problem was that I bought them last April, and they are already ripping between the legs causing major chaffing. I also have some shorts I had modisfied my by mother-in-law. She sewed in pockets on the inside of the short like the the ones runnign shorts already come with for keys. But she sewed in like 5 more in the same shorts. This worked well.

If you do not like these ideas, I have also seen runner safety pin Gu to their shorts and let them bounce during the race. Or I have seen specially made Gu pack holders that work like an elastic belt.

Hope this helps.


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